New Product Launch 2018 Morris Clean

By | 28th December 2016

New Product Launch 2018 Morris Clean

Morris clean _ JavajamezIntroducing a revolutionary New Product launch 2018. A new concept in cleaning management and Totally environmentally friendly. Non-Toxic. Biodegradable, contains no amonia and bleaching agents and will just about clean anything.

Launching the New Morris Clean Formula

Well, it’s not like a normal bottle of concentrated cleaner. It comes in a very small packet, less than the size of a business card. Containing approximately 6g of, engineered cleaning powder. That took 36 months to develop.

What do I do with the cleaning powder?

Simply add the contents of the small packet to the spray bottle provided. Fill the bottle with water, replace the trigger spray and shake well. Thus leaving a super concentrated Non-Toxic solution, that will rip apart the toughest of grease and grime.

Why does it come in powder form?

When buying concentrated traditional liquid cleaners, they tend to be very bulky, as well as heavy. For example, a standard gallon of concentrated liquid is, the equivalent of 4.2 litres. Weighing around five kilos in weight, and tends to take up a lot of storage space. Another problem is pouring the exact amount into a spray bottle. More often than not, we end up using too much, or even wasting the product due to spillage.

Why is Powder Different?

The small packets of powder, eliminate all of the above problems. The packets are easy to pour, The packages are light, compact, easy to store. Delivering the exact amount every time, without spillage and wastage. Saving huge amounts of money too.

So what is the name of this New Product 2017?

Here at Unicept Uk Ltd. We are proud to present the revolutionary Morris Clean. An advancement in cleaning management. A Green cleaning product that replaces, virtually every cleaning product you use in daily life. You can use Morris Clean in your home. At you place of work. Even on an in all types of motorised vehicles. Including boats, aeroplanes and caravans. Morris Clean will clean just about anything and everything. Safely.

So where do I buy Morris Clean from?

Morris Clean. New product launch 2017.

The first launch will be in Thailand January 2017. Followed by The United Kingdom by March 2017. The United States around April 2017. If you would like to be one of the first people, to review this revolutionary New Product 2017. Please either drop us an email through the website or contact us directly using the information below.

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