What Is Morris Clean? It Cleans Everything Safely

By | 27th February 2017
Go Green, New Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product, Morris Clean


What Is Morris Clean? It Cleans Everything Safe

New product 2018 Morris Clean

At last, there is a brand new Eco-friendly cleaner, that replaces every existing cleaning product in today’s market. A product so cost-effective that really does clean everything. Introducing the astonishing, Non-Toxic cleaning sensation that is called MorrisClean™.

What is MorrisClean™?

MorrisClean™ is a revelation in cleaning management. One single product, that will virtually remove the need for the numerous, cleaning products you’re currently using. MorrisClean™ eliminates the multitude of cleaners you require to clean your home, place of work, and will even replace those more expensive, specialised cleaning products, you use such as stain removing, car care, carpet cleaning and so on.

How do you Mix MorrisClean™?

MorrisClean™ can’t be any simpler to use. Just tear open, one of the small packets. Empty the contents of the opened sachet, into the spray bottle provided. Fill the spray bottle up, with ordinary tap water. Replacing the trigger head on the spray bottle, shake the contents of the bottle well.

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How do you Use MorrisClean™?.

Once you have mixed the uniquely formulated MorrisClean™ powder, the product transforms into an astonishing and efficient grease busting, stain neutralizing, wizard of a cleaner. A cleaner that will replace all the cleaning products you’re currently using and storing. With this in mind, by using MorrisClean™ you significantly reduce the much-needed amount of storage space, under your sinks and inside your cupboards.

So why would you buy numerous cleaning products? When in fact, all you need is, one unique single product ‘MorrisClean™’ tackling all your cleaning requirements more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost.

MorrisClean™ is Non-Toxic & 100% Biodegradable

Just about every popular cleaning product on your merchants or supermarket shelves contains caustic, even toxic chemicals and compounds which biodegrade slowly. These chemicals in most cases biodegrade incompletely. Further, these cleaning solutions typically include colatile, organic compounds that deplete the ozone layer.

Why MorrisClean™ is Different

The environmental benefit of switching from Toxic cleaning products to MorrisClean™ is clear. Not only is

MorrisClean™ an environmentally friendly and Non-Toxic cleaner, but it significantly reduces the carbon emissions, associated with transportation. This is made very apparent when you think of a 24 pallet loaded lorry.

A 24 pallet loaded truck typically contains roughly 11,500 liters of cleaning fluid. To compare, the same truck carrying Morris Clean Powder. Will deliver up to 16 million liters of general cleaning liquid, once the powder has been mixed with water.

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Go Green with Morris Clean. Saving Money & Our Planet Too.

By choosing to ‘Go Green’ with ‘MorrisClean™’ does not come with a financial burden. The cost of using Morris Clean is considerably cheaper compared with branded and green cleaning products. But we saved the best for last. By switching to MorrisClean™, you will not only save huge amounts of money, storage space and cleaning time. You will be helping our environment too.

Where is MorrisClean™ Manufactured?

MorrisClean™ was and is formulated and produced in the United Kingdom. The concept was the idea of Mr James Morris who was an executive chef who on a daily basis had to injure using toxic chemicals in and around the workplace.

Leaving his executive chefs position in 2003, James decided to go ahead and create a non-toxic cleaning product, which would simplify kitchen cleaning needs. This involved developing a single cleaner rather than a multitude of cleaning products into the workplace.

It was in the summer of 2005 James and his R&D team finally developed Morris Powder. However, in 2007 James sold the intellectual property rights of the formula to a large cleaning organisation, who until 2015, had never produced a single package of the product Morris Powder. In 2014 James Morris approached the body concerned and decided it was time to put Morris Powder back into circulation.

Morris Clean, 1 product 101 uses

New Product 2018 Morris Clean

New Product 2018 – Present day 2017 – After almost three years of research and development of a new and improved formula. Morris Powder now Known as MorrisClean™ is back. More concentrated, certainly more aggressive on grease and grime. But more importantly! Even Safer, to use around you, your family, as well as being extremely gentle on the environment too.

MorrisClean™ is expected to be Re-launched in the United Kingdom by January 2019. Presently, Morris Clean is finishing off a distribution network in Southeast Asia. If you’re interested in knowing more about Morris Clean and the unlimited possibilities, we would very much love to hear from you. CONTACT US

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