Environmental Factors Using Toxic Household Cleaners

By | 1st March 2017

Environmental Factors Using Toxic Household Cleaners

Environmental Factors, Using Toxic Household Cleaners

$30 Million worth of Toxic Chemicals washed down the drains daily in the USA

In the United States of America, over $30 million dollars worth of cleaning products, are flushed down the drains every 24 hours. Many of these products contain hazardous chemicals, which are not processed adequately by sewage treatment plants, or septic systems. Over recent years, studies have shown, that many cleaning products in households, industries, and commercial buildings, contain more than 70 harmful and possibly lethal chemicals. Many of the results have never been released to the public, Mainly because of government laws, not requiring chemical producers to release full disclosure.

Environmental Factors Using Toxic Household Cleaners

Also, research has shown that most chemical cleaning products on our shelves, can present serious long-term health concerns. This is because they may contain chemicals associated with eye, skin or respiratory irritation and many other health issues.

The (OSHA) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Estimates that poor indoor air quality, be it at home or workplace, (also known as the sick-building syndrome), affects between 30 and 70 million workers in the USA, with approximately 37% of the population, suffering from chemical sensitivities, skin rashes, or allergies, etc. These data results are just in the USA alone, with other countries around the world, experiencing the same problems and concerns.

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Is there an Eco-Friendly alternative?

The concept of Morris Clean was developed to provide a whole new healthy, and safe all-round cleaning solution for your home, industries and anywhere else you need to clean. Morris Clean is Non-Toxic, 100% biodegradable, contains no caustic, ammonia or bleach compounds. And what is great is the fact that, Morris Clean is completely safe to use around you, your family, as well as helping the environment too.

Morris Clean – Effective, Inexpensive and Totally Green!

Morris Clean is a breakthrough in cleaning management, for the home, commercial industries and the environment. Morris Clean is a Non-Toxic, biodegradable and safe to use grease busting, stain neutralising, cost effective all purpose cleaner. Simply mix with water, spray on any surface, and you will be astonished how effective Morris Clean, cuts through the toughest tasks, completely safely.

How does Morris Clean Work?

Revolutionary Morris Clean formula contains no colour and is completely odourless. Containing surfactants (surface-active) agents, wetting agents and emulsifiers. Morris Clean formulated Surfactant agents, lift the toughest of grease and oil up off of the surface. The wetting agents help Morris Clean to penetrate soils, and the emulsifiers, put those soils into solution so that they can wash away easily.

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How is Morris Clean Packaged?

Morris Clean is available in various sizes. The entry level starts with the family-pack. Includes, one spray bottle and six packets of the Morris Clean portion sized Sachets. Thus making the equivalent of 6 bottles of, All-Purpose Cleaners that will virtually replace all your current cleaning products.

Another benefit of using Morris Clean is the advantage of being super compact. Removing the need for numerous cleaning products, you need to purchase and store. Hence, saving you much-needed storage space.

How do I Mix and Use Morris Clean?

Simply tear open a small packet of Morris Clean. Pour the contents of the packet into the spray bottle provided. Fill the spray bottle with ordinary tap water. Replace the trigger spray and shake well. It’s as simple as that.

How do I use Morris Clean?

Morris clean is no different in the way you use conventional cleaning products. Spray the mixed Morris Clean solution onto the area that requires cleaning. Let the liquid sit on the surface for about ten seconds. Thus allowing the individual compounds to break down dirt and grime. Using a clean, dry cloth, just wipe clean. Morris Cleans unique formula, will cut through the toughest of dirt fast and efficiently helping you save on cleaning time.
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Is there an Eco-Friendly alternative? – Conclusion

Environmental Factors using Morris Clean

Morris Clean is an astonishingly effective, Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaner, that will replace virtually every cleaning product you’re currently using. Use Morris Clean just about anywhere including, the home and workplace. Using Morris Clean saves on cleaning time, storage space and will help reduce costs too.

Business Opportunities Available
If you are interested in becoming involved with Morris Clean, please drop us a line using the contact form below. We are currently Pre-Launching Morris Clean in Thailand ahead of the New Product 2018 Launch. Morris Clean is actively seeking new agents and distributors worldwide.

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