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How to Clean Grease and Grime with Morris Clean

how to clean grease, morris cleanWhat is Morris Clean? The simple answer is Innovation in cleaning technology solutions. Morris Clean is a super all-purpose cleaner degreaser, that will remove the stubbornness of grease, grime and oily stains, on just about any surface. A new Non-Toxic All-purpose Cleaner that will clean 101 cleaning tasks in your everyday daily cleaning routine.
Especially using it as a Super Kitchen Cleaner where Morris Clean cuts through the most hardened kitchen Grease and grime. If you have a severe grease problem then let me show you how efficient this eco-friendly Multipurpose cleaner is, at solving all your cleaning needs.

In This video tutorial watch how Morris Clean deals with a host of everyday cleaning problems. See first hand how Morris Clean is a super master at multitasking when it comes to dirt, stains grease and grime. Use Morris Clean to tackle all those daily cleaning tasks such as kitchen grease removal on cooker tops, cookers, degreasing ovens, cleaning cooker hoods, cooker rings, stovetops.

How To Clean Greasy Filters

How to degrease kitchens, Morris CleanMorris Clean is awesome at cutting through the toughest of grease and grime especially at cleaning hidden grease trapped behind cooker hood filters. All you will need is a bowl of hot water big enough to submerge the filters in. One scotch-bright sponge, a small nylon or copper brush and of course Morris Clean. REMEMBER MORRIS CLEAN is strong enough to cut through the toughest of grease and grime yet gentle enough to use around you, your family and on the environment too.

Cooker Hood Filters How to Clean with Morris Clean

Pick-up one of the dirty filters and spray copious amounts of Morris Clean on both sides of the filter. Allow the solution to penetrate the baked on grease by letting the solution soak in for about five minutes. Re-spray the filters with Morris Clean and submerge the filters in the warm water for a few more minutes.

Take one of the filters out of the water and spray Morris Clean onto the Scotchbright and once again on the filter. Working in small circular motions remove all the surface grease from the filter. Re-submerge the filters into the water and then rinse the filter under clean running water. Place the filters somewhere to dry and then replace into the cooker hood housing.

Cleaning Surface Kitchen Grease

Morris Clean is completely Eco-friendly as well as being amazing at solving all types of grease cleaning problems. Remember, that Morris Clean is tough on grease and grime yet gentle enough to use around you, your family, pets and on our planet too.

How to use Morris Clean on Grease

Watch how to mix Morris Clean Video
Once mixed simply spray Morris Clean on to the grease build-up. Please note that it is always best to spray upwards from the bottom. Leave the Morris Clean solution to penetrate and dissolve the grease for about a minute. If you have a particularly heavy build-up of grease, just leave Morris Clean solution on for a couple of minutes. Then Respray the area and wipe the mess away with a clean, dry cloth.

For more information regarding how to clean with Morris Clean, please How to clean with Morris Clean.

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