How To Use Morris Clean

MorrisClean™ is a truly remarkable multi-purpose one-off product that really does what “it says on the tin”. Just like our strapline says, this amazing one single product has over 101 uses!

Small Compact Saving Tons of Storage Space
A small box, which measures about 100 x 65 x 30mm and holds 10 sachets of MorrisClean™ – is enough cleaning product for a year, for the average home or office – can replace virtually every cleaning product in your home or at your place of work. Just think of the space you will save under your kitchen cupboard, and wherever else you might currently store your usually massive array of (mostly unnecessary) supermarket cleaning products.


On top of all the space you will save, the best part of using MorrisClean™ is that it really is SO MUCH cheaper than all the brand name cleaning products you buy from your supermarket.

100% User & Eco-Friendly Too.
And don’t forget, MorrisClean™ is also one of the most eco-friendly products available on the market today. It is 100% bio-degradable, totally non-toxic, has no colour or perfume added (which can potentially aggravate allergies for some people) and is as “green as possible” – even the sachets are recyclable!
MORRISCLEAN UK LTD Is a Socially Environmental Company.
Please note that we no longer supply spray bottles as we felt that was adding to global warming – not just the manufacturing of more plastic in our world, but also because of the carbon dioxide produced in shipping empty bottles all over the world – so we simply encourage you to re-use one of your existing spray bottles once it is empty. The more we can re-use & recycle the better for us all, but particularly for future generations!
Complete Guide to Cleaning


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Video Information
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