Clean All The Things Morris Clean Cleaning Guide

Clean All The Things with a super green cleaning product. Replace all your traditional toxic products with just one compact, super efficient green product.

Clean All Things with Morris Clean

MorrisClean™ is an awesome Multipurpose Cleaning Product. An all in one cleaner that is a revolution in cleaning management. This remarkable single product will replace almost every cleaning product you’re currently using. You can use MorrisClean™ in the home, in and on your car, all types of industries, including aviation and marine. MorrisClean™ is an awesome grease busting; stain neutralising, cost-effective all-purpose cleaner that once mixed with water, will clean all things safely.

How to Mix Morris Clean?


Morris Clean is excellent at neutralizing odours left behind by pets. Spray the stained area thoroughly with Morris Clean. Leave the solution on for up to two minutes, and then rub with a clean nylon brush. Re-spray the area and wipe with a wet cloth to "lift" the stain. Dry the area with a clean towel. Note* (Cover the cleaned area until dry. This will stop re-staining.)
Please, Note* The ability to take out a carpet stain depends on age, heat exposure, whether or not the staining has already been "cleaned," or bleached. Spray the area with Morris Clean and leave for one to two minutes, depending on how old the stain is. Re-apply Morris Clean and Agitate with a cloth or small brush. Work the stain from the outside in the centre. Spray a third time and repeat. Now with a clean dampened cloth "pick up" the stain by rinsing with the wet cloth in circular motions, working, once again, from the outside into the middle. Wipe dry with a towel. Cover the area with a dry cloth after cleaning until it dries. (avoiding re-staining from dirty foot traffic)
Add one 4g sachet of Morris Clean to one gallon (4.2ltrs) of water. You must firstly vacuum the area to be shampooed. Pre-spray all heavily soiled areas and leave for a couple of minutes. Machine clean the carpet, concentrating on heavily soiled areas. Let carpet dry thoroughly and vacuum.
I find that if you spray the floor thoroughly, concentrating on heavily stained areas and leave the Morris Clean solution for up to 5 minutes, then mop with clean hot water it leaves outstanding results. So why do I suggest you spray the floor rather than adding the powder straight into the mop bucket? The answer is quite simple. By spraying Morris Clean onto the floor, you will not only be saving money but will be tackling ground-in dirt more effectively.
If using a floor machine then add one 4g sachet of Morris Clean to one gallon (4.2ltrs) of water. Pre-spray all heavily soiled areas and leave for a couple of minutes. For heavy greasy and engine oil use a wire brush.
Morris Clean is a fantastic glue dissolving cleaner, especially superglues & duct tape. Remove any tape left behind on the surface. Spray the glue residue with Morris Clean and let it penetrate for a couple of minutes. Re-spray the area and rub the residue away.
Spray the mold or mildew thoroughly with Morris Clean. Rub with a soft bristled nylon brush in circular motions and rinse with water. Repeat this method until clean.
Morris Clean is super effective at cleaning all types of ovens. Spray plentiful of Morris Clean on the oven grease build-up and leave for up to 5 minutes, re-spraying as necessary. Scrub the area with Scotchbright. On blackened carbon use non-scratch stainless wool and wipe clean.
Use Morris Clean for cleaning Grills, Filters & Carbonized Cookware. Fill a plastic container or your sink up with warm water. Add one sachet of Morris Clean to every 4.2 litres of water. Place the filters, grills, steel or aluminium pans that are heavily carbonised into the container. Leave for an hour or two and rinse with clean water. For massive carbon build-up, you may need to use a green pad.
For deep cleaning. Spray the interior with Morris Clean, including seals, which often are subject to mildew. Leave for several minutes, then wipe down the seals. Re-spray inside the dishwashing machine, and run on short cycle to clean.
Turn-off the fryers and once the oil has cooled, empty the fryers and filter the oil. Fill the fat fryers with water to just above the oil level line. Add one sachet per fryer. Bring the water to a boil and simmer for a few minutes. This will clean both the vessel and the element. Let the water cool and empty. Rinse the deep fat fryers with clean water and dry before replenishing oil.
Spray thoroughly the area to be stripped with Morris Clean allowing the product to penetrate waxing for several minutes and mop with hot water. (For scrub machines empty one sachet into one gallon of water)
Morris Clean is excellent for polishing as well as cleaning stainless steel. Spray area with Morris Clean depending on how dirty the steel is. Let the product sit for between 10 & 60 seconds. Re-spray and wipe clean. After cleaning stainless steel surfaces, always polish the surface with a clean damp cloth, thus removing any residue left from the cleaning process.
Morris Clean is safe on all fine jewellery, To clean just add one sachet to a litre glass or bowl of water. Place jewellery in the solution for one to two minutes. *Note. Do not immerse non-waterproof watches, but instead hold the movement in such a manner that the band is in the solution. Use a small toothbrush to agitate within the crevices, rinse the objects in a second glass or bowl of clean water, and wipe clean.
Use Morris Clean for Laundry Pre-spotting Stains such as red wine, soda, coffee, grass, rust, etc. Spray the stained area thoroughly, agitate by rubbing the cloth against itself or with a soft bristled brush before placing the garment into the washing machine. You can also add Morris clean directly to your laundry detergent as a cleaning booster.
Spray the upholstered area with Morris Clean and leave for a couple of minutes. Re-spray the area and using a clean damp cloth. Work in circular motions to remove dirt and stains. For heavy build-up, you may need to repeat the process.
When cleaning walls and painted surfaces always spray Morris clean from the bottom upwards, helping to prevent cleaning lines. Allow the solution to penetrate grease and grime for a few about 30 seconds. Repeat the process and using a clean sponge remove the grease and dirt. *Note. A sponge is excellent for getting into porous and cracked surfaces.
Spray the grouted area thoroughly with Morris Clean allowing the solution to penetrate for several minutes. For heavy greasy build-up, you may need to agitate the area with a soft bristled nylon brush and rinse with cold running water. Repeat until clean. *Note. Sponges are ideal for getting into porous areas.
When washing cars, add one sachet of Morris clean to a five-litre bucket of warm water. Using a sponge, wash the paintwork in circular motions, rinsing the sponge in the bucket frequently. Rinse off with clean water before the paintwork dries, and dry with a chamois or towel. Morris’s Powder is excellent at removing oxidised paint, leaving a more immaculate, brighter finish.
When cleaning windows I have always found that newspapers give me the best finish. So spray the windows sparingly with Morris Clean and wipe clean with an old newspaper or dry cloth. For heavy build-up on glass such as nicotine several applications may be required)
When Old paint becomes "chalky" is it is oxidised. If you're cleaning something that's quite old or has been out in the sun for a while, don't be alarmed if it seems that some of the "colour" is coming off on your rag. What's happening is that you are Removing the oxidised portion of the paint coat. You'll also notice that the paint is brighter as you clean and becomes more colourful. You may wish to protect that paintwork with a wax coat after cleaning.
Use Morris Clean when detailing Cars, Boats, & RV Interiors - Spray Morris Clean on the area to be cleaned. Using a damp cloth or sponge, wipe the surface in a circular motion. Rinse the cloth or sponge in clean water, wring out and re-wipe the area. Now buff dry with a clean cloth or towel. *Note. For car seats please see upholstery cleaning.
Spray the alloy wheels, tires and rims. Agitate with a damp cloth on surfaces or a soft bristled nylon brush to get into crevices. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry. For heavy greasy and break-dust problems, you may need to re-spray the rims and polish with a clean white cloth; *Note. For whitewalls use a soft brush or sponge.
Morris Clean is an excellent cleaner/degreaser for removing hydraulic fluid leakage on aircraft surfaces and hanger flooring. Spray the solution on to the hydraulic leakage and leave for a couple of minutes. Re-apply the product and wipe clean. You may need a soft nylon brush for stubborn grease. If you are using floor cleaning machines for hanger floors then add one sachet to 4.2 litres of water.
Spray Morris Clean on limescale and leave for several minutes. Agitate with a scotch bright or nylon brush. Rinse with water. You may need to repeat the process for longterm build-up.